Your solution to documentation burnout.

Instantly access thousands of customizable templates, brief diagnostic summaries, medical websites, patient education resources, and more

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Built For Medical Professionals

Intuitive cloud-based software allows you to use your medical templates and resources everywhere you see patients.

Increase your documentation speed and accuracy.

Text-expanding features save you time while typing text and documenting notes.

Our smart suggestions help increase your charting speed and prevent misspelled words.

Templates are fully customizable to fit your charting style.

Allows support staff to easily assist in EMR documentation.

Enables you to search multiple medical and pharmaceutical resources instantly.

Provides quick access to patient education resources.

>1,000 customizable medical templates designed by physicians to expedite documentation, increase diagnostic accuracy, and maximize billing.


>20,000 medical terms, medications, and medical acronyms for predictive charting.


Instantly access >30,000 medical websites, videos, patient education materials, and references with a single character phrase.

Create, organize, and edit your phrases online or on the desktop application.


Decrease burnout and documentation burdens.


Faster, simpler, and augmented medical documentation saves you time and helps maximize billing.

Supports more accurate billing and promotes greater profitability.


Powerful Solution


Hour per day minimum saved by PhraseIt users.

The price of dictation software.

Less time spent charting outside of work then non-users.

Boost your ability to document faster.

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Complete your notes in half the time with our templates and medical resources. The majority of your HPI is finished by simply typing ",hpi". It really is that simple! No matter the illness, our HPI and Follow-up templates have a similar structure so completing them is a straight-forward and familiar experience. Our templates can also be easily completed by a scribe, MA, or RN for documentation assistance. No more late-night charting at work or at home! PhraseIt Medical will save you time while ensuring points for billing.


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PhraseIt Medical is your solution to documentation burnout. With a short character phrase, you can instantly access thousands of customizable templates, brief diagnostic summaries, medical websites, patient education resources, and more. PhraseIt is text-expanding software that augments your charting efficiency and allows you to spend more time with your patients. By suggesting medication names and common medical terms as you type, PhraseIt increases documentation accuracy while saving you time. Since PhraseIt is cloud-based, you can use your templates and phrases everywhere you see patients. PhraseIt is easy to use and designed for medical practitioners. You'll be amazed at what you can do with PhraseIt.

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