Medical documentation and clinical support software

Pull your notes and phrases into any EHR anywhere. Instantly access thousands of customizable templates, diagnostic tools, medical websites, patient education resources, and more - all by typing a phrase while you chart.

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The perfect companion to your EHR

Are you losing time to charting and falling behind in clinic?

Meet Your Solution.

Pull your cloud-based phrases directly into your EHR
Thousands of customizable and ready-to-use templates at your fingertips
Have all of your content available everywhere you go 
Search your favorite medical websites faster without leaving your EHR
Instant suggestions and information as you type in your note
Save time on messaging, charting, billing, and more

No More Documentation Burnout



Save you time while typing text and documenting notes.



Easily alter our templates to fit your charting style.


Includes hundreds of differentials, exam findings, and initial tests to help improve your clinical efficiency.



Improve your patient outcomes with immediate access to educational handouts from respected sources.



Augment your medical decision making with instant search of your most trusted medical websites without leaving your EHR.


Template prompts and suggestions while you type will help increase your charting speed and accuracy.

Built By Physicians For Medical Professionals

Our easy-to-use cloud-based software allows you to use your medical templates and resources everywhere you see patients - in any EHR.

Easily sync all your content among your computers with the click of a button.

Never waste time loading your notes and phrases into an EHR again.

We constantly review, update, and USE our extensive glossary of medical terms, medication names, medical abbreviations, and commonly mispelled words for fast predictive charting.

Our content is intended to support increased billing and promote greater profitability.

Thousands of primary care templates - designed by physicians - to expedite documentation, increase diagnostic accuracy, and maximize billing.

Our templates are fully customizable to fit your charting style and work well with dictation.

Standardized templates allow support staff to easily assist in documentation.

Instantly search trusted medical websites, procedure videos, calculators, patient education materials, and more with a simple character phrase - right from your note.

PhraseIt Medical saves you time while increasing your documentation speed and accuracy.

Decrease burnout and spend less time charting.



Hour per day minimum commonly saved by PhraseIt users.


The price of expensive dictation software.


Less time spent charting outside of work reported by PhraseIt users.


Of subscribed practitioners who would recommend PhraseIt to a colleague.

An easier and more efficient way to chart.
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*Free trial grants full access to all features for 15 days
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