Which one of the following should NOT be consumed during pregnancy due to a potentially high mercury content?

A) Catfish
B) Crawfish, shrimp, and lobster
C) Flounder and haddock
D) Salmon and trout
E) Shark and swordfish


Larger ocean fish that consume other fish may accumulate mercury levels that can cause neurologic problems when consumed, so these fish should be avoided by children and pregnant or nursing women. Shark and swordfish are among the fish with the highest mercury content. Catfish, crawfish, shrimp, lobster, flounder, haddock, salmon, and trout have the least amount of mercury.

Ref: Zolotor AJ, Carlough MC: Update on prenatal care. Am Fam Physician 2014;89(3):199-208. 2) Advice about eating fish for women who are or might become pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, and young children. US Food and Drug Administration, updated 2019.

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