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Adult Primary Care Library

Our standardized ready-to-use templates include suggested material, created by physicians, for easy documentation and more accurate diagnoses


Content from our Adult Primary Care library is fully customizable and includes hundreds of the most common symptoms and illnesses

Templates are bulleted for quick billing points and coder review to decrease your risk of being downcoded. They also come in 3 types of placeholders for faster charting:

***         (Epic)


spaces  (Others)

To assist in medical decision making, every problem in our Adult Primary Care Library includes a rapid review window for:

- Differential Diagnosis

- Common Physical Exam findings

- Suggested initial Workup 

PhraseIt's Adult Primary Care Library also includes:

- Medical Glossary (medical terms, abbreviations, medications, common misspellings)

- Physical Exam templates

- Messaging and Results templates

- Review Of System templates

- Common CPT Codes related to Adult Primary and Urgent Care

- and more 

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